Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

IMAX & Chopsticks

So the IMAX worked out fine, Rebecca wasn't disturbed by the make-you-think-you're-spinning-around intro visuals, or the giant monsters exploding out of the screen. She liked the popcorn, I think she liked the flying, and by the end of the dark hour she was falling asleep on me. So since August is free at the Tech Museum if you have a Children's Discovery Museum membership we may be going there a bunch this month. She's really not old enough for most of it though, the actual Children's Discovery Museum has a lot more geared to her age.

Also, tonight at (traditional Thursday sushi) dinner she was picking up soybeans with her pointy trainer chopsticks. I was surprised, since I put soybeans into the hard-to-pick-up with pointy chopsticks category, but I guess these are a bit sandpapery around the tips.
Tags: development, outing

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