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Live the Now

So I'm not nearly as bitter as that last post may imply. Right now I'm really doing pretty well, I managed to drive from San Diego to San Jose this morning in 7 hours, not too bad. My GOD it was hot in the central valley. I'm thinking maybe I should get the air conditioning in my truck fixed... :-) The one thing that continues to trully suck is that my sister won't be able to come to my wedding. Especially as she's been asking us when we're going to get married ever since she met Jesse for the first time in '95. She was also supposed to be our photographer, and I'll really miss her for that, she has the most original framing. She has no knowledge of technique, half her pictures come out blury, but I think (as her sister of course) that the rest are awesome. Maybe it's because she's 12 and hasn't been ruined by anyone else's perception of the _right_ way to shoot. She took the picture of me with this entry. Maybe someday she'll be famous, my wedding was to be her first paid photo job. Ah well, life will I'm sure go on.

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