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Roasted Pig
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Last, er, last last weekend, the 2nd, I guess I'm pretty behind, we went to a pig roast at our friends Ted & Vicki's place in the Santa Cruz mountains. It was a good time as always, but since I've been a semi-vegetarian/pescetarian for almost a year now, last year the dead charred pig looked yummy, and this year it just looked awful. Sorry Ted. I told him I might have a bite of his pig for Baconmas, but once I saw it there was just no appeal. Kinda funny/strange/normal. Yah.

I did rip into it for someone else who was too squeamish to stick her fork in, because helping people is more important than a dead pig. I even cut her a piece of the cheek, which Ted says is the best, better than bacon, part. I seem to remember last year that it was pretty good, but it's definitely the squickiest part of the animal to cut into. I didn't find it stomach turning, just completely unappealing, even when cut in small pieces on people's plates. No secret bacon cravings here. Bleh.

Rebecca was pretty fascinated by it, but didn't seem disturbed at all. Now on my lap looking at the picture she's saying "It's still dead, the pig is still dead. Mama, the people were hungry and they ate some pig. I ate some pasta." So fascinated, and, yah, she didn't want to eat the pig, but then she doesn't want to eat most foods so that's not saying much.

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