Katherine Donaldson (katharos) wrote,
Katherine Donaldson

Squeezing Paint

This is one of the things that is hard for me to watch, for no rational reason. Because I'm frugal. The pouring of paint. It's a good learning experience, it can't be more than $3 of paint, and I'd happily pay three times that to get into many of the kids zoos or museums around here, but, pain! Must not tell her to not waste paint. She isn't wasting paint, she's experimenting with fun goopy paint medium, how the colors cover each other when she squeezes them on, how everything gets really runny. How things start dripping off the table. She's learning things, so I just need to work on getting over it. Process, not product. (Because if I let it dry as painted it would be glued to the table...) That's why I bought the five gallons of washable tempera paint. So she could use it.

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