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Today we picked up Rebecca's friend Ellie (and her mom Chris) and went to the Children's Discovery Museum, always fun, Rebecca and I go there a lot now. Everybody had fun running around, cranking (Rebecca's been into cranking recently), painting on the art wall, climing on the ambulance and stage coach, and playing with bio-putty, which was new to me. I've played with cornstarch goop before, but this was glue and borax goop, and felt nicer. We'll have to try making it some time, and maybe I do need some liquid watercolors for Rebecca after all. (To color all this clay and goop we make.) Although I do NOT have room for more art supplies.

Then we took Ellie home and went to Washington Park for a while, where I read some more of Wuthering Heights, which is the most depressing book ever. I hate finding out the awful end everyone comes to at the beginning of the book, and then suffering through finding out the awful ways they get there. It's like the opposite of the 1900's children's books that I love, all good family values and resolved trials. Wuthering Heights is full of horrible dysfunctional families and the awful things they do to each other. So happy. I'm going to have to finish it tonight just so I can stop thinking about it. Ugh.

Then we had a snack and went to the sewing shop and only bought the things I 'needed' and NO fabric, I seem to have temporarily gotten over adding to the fabric stash, maybe because I'm trying so hard to get rid of stuff, including half finished projects in my life. Let's finish some things, and move on. I'm actually completely up to date with tagging my photos and uploading them to flickr, which is a great feeling, and why I can actually blog about what I did TODAY, what a shocker. Not that all my photos are tagged, but all the last several months anyway. I'm really trying to not fall behind, because it is so oppressive. I always feel like I need to get caught up before I can talk about anything, and so I never do. That means being better about throwing away marginal pictures, so that I don't have to deal with them, which is great, I need to be more hard nosed about keeping marginal pictures, it isn't as if we don't have a bazillion pictures of Rebecca. So great, I'm feeling more able to throw away all kinds of things in my life. I'm not there yet though, the shelves are still full, and there isn't room for Rebecca's work supplies. But I feel like I'm making progress.

Next up, going to pick up take-out sushi for Thursday Sushi at Home Night.

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