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Not so smart I sometimes is...

Nine months ago (!) I picked up my pre-ordered D300, and at the time I had heard that the early European release came with a promotion for Capture NX, the for-pay version of their RAW software, and when I looked at the disk that came with mine, there wasn't anything there, and I was a little disappointed. I somehow neglected to see the big blue sticker on the side of the box that says "Release Campaign - Includes Capture NX", and also missed the pieces of paper inside the box (!) that say Capture NX and have a serial number and download instructions. I guess I went right for the camera, then the manual, and ignored all the 'extraneous' little slips of paper. Kind of like how I missed the 'register your lens in the first ten days and get a five year warranty instead of the default one' with my 18-200 VR lens. I'm kind of paperwork challenged that way. That's why I refuse to consider rebates in prices. I know I will fail to deal with it properly. At least I can fix the Capture NX problem, the download doesn't have a time limit on it. Should come in useful for all the wedding photography I'm about to do next month. If it isn't as much of a snail as Nikon Capture 4, which it probably is. We'll see.
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