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Silly OS Upgrade Changes

So I finally upgraded from Mac OS 10.4 to 10.5, because I couldn't get certificate encryption to work in mail.app for some stupid reason. That is fixed at least. But more of my hard drive is magically gone, and I have more stupid printer drivers. I think I'm going to delete them all. My hard drive is too small for that game.

But SILLY. There are all kinds of tiny changes, to make you feel like your computer is brand new and shiny again, or fashionable, or something... But the SILLIEST is that the wait cursors spin faster. And I know that doesn't mean they are doing anything OTHER than spinning faster. They used to be mellow little spin-y spoke-y things, and now they are a little bit frantic and it's driving me buggy. Can't we all just relax around here? And when you make things look different for NO GOOD REASON it annoys me and makes it harder to find things and slows me down. OMG I sound ancient and crotchety! I gu ess I am almost 100000, (binary), but still. :-D
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