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Main Street Museum

Today I went on an adventure with Rebecca & Jennifer, she showed us Sunnybrook Farm, which was for sale but we won't be buying I think, and drove many little roads. We went from N. Pomfret to Sharon to Stafford to Hartford to White River Junction to Queeche to N. Pomfret. The trees are starting to turn colors, and there were a lot of great views over the hills, and cute little houses. Now I don't think I'd really like to live in White River Junction, because it was mostly large houses too close together chopped into apartments, or trailer homes or one large strange tract of new houses. But Queeche and Hartford were both pretty cute. In White River Junction we stopped at the Main Street Museum, but first got sidetracked by a little sign saying 'beach' and pointing down the riverbank to a sand bank under a high bridge. We went down and I got stuck in the mud briefly, I sank right into the muddy river bank about 8 inches. Then we walked out on the sand bank and took our shoes off and went wading and rock throwing. I'll find out later the White River is contaminated with arsenic or something. Oh well. There were funny little bubbles, every time you disturbed the sand on the bottom air would bubble up. I don't know why, if it is an animal/shellfish process or a physical tide process. Once Rebecca had some new clothes and I cleaned my shoes off we went into the museum, and it was as silly and eclectic as the Wikipedia article said. (Which was written by one of the museum staffers.) They did have a whole lot more mounted animals than I was expecting, and I think Rebecca was a tiny bit freaked out by them. In a quiet 'we'll discuss this with my psychologist 20 years later' kind of way. (o_0) Maybe we'll be having more conversations about the dead grilled pig later too. Now writing this whole story is very déjà vu.
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