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Rebecca got another video game upgrade

Sometime when we were on vacation Rebecca's video game skills got upgraded. Now she's much better at pointing the wii-mote at the screen to do things, previously she was a little sketchy about the whole 'point this stick at the TV and it moves the blue dot' thing. Right now she's playing LEGO Indiana Jones on the PS3, and, well, really, she has scary mad skillz for a two year old. (Really, I'm sure all two year olds have scary mad video game skillz, but this is the only one I get to play with.) Like, she knows how to walk around and go through doors in 3D with a joystick, and pick up the plants and put them on her head, and whip the furniture to smash it, and jump up on things. She's not 100%, but still. I can see how the next generation is going to think it's totally natural to be walking around everywhere with heads up displays in their eyeglasses telling them where the best tacos are.
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