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Another Busy Week, Just Scroll By.

Monday we had breakfast with daddy and dropped him off at work with his bike, hung out in the car for an hour in the rain, went to the Mountain View Moms coffee and playground for 3.5 hours, then went grocery shopping at Whole Foods. This week for the first time we managed to snag a kid's grocery cart. Suddenly everything was different. Rebecca became very serious about the whole thing, and had to pick out all the food. This involved me moving the correct kind of food down where she could reach it, and then letting her take it off the shelf and put it in her cart, then when her cart was getting full, taking out some of the food and moving it into my cart. I always let her help me pick out food, among a limited selection although sometimes she disagrees, but having the shopping cart took her assumption of power to a whole new level. And she handled it all so calmly that I couldn't really see many reason's to disagree with her. And she wanted to walk up different aisles than me. As another expression of her independence. She was so serious and self possessed the whole time that it was hilarious. It reminded me of the whole 'key to toddler good behavior is empowerment and responsibility'. Except when she tripped full out and almost smashed a jar of pickles. I'm so glad we didn't have a glass-in-the-face emergency room visit. Then we went home and she wanted to go out again to the library. So we did. Salad for dinner, no one was hungry.

Tuesday we read Curious George Goes to the City, and decided that we had to go to San Francisco and go up Coit Tower. The four adults and Rebecca all went to the fire station a block away and voted. Then I bargained with Rebecca that she would let me work on processing stupid wedding photos for an hour, and I would take her to Chuck E Cheese. She ended up playing the starfall.com ABC games, which was fine. I made the cursor on a laptop bigger with the accessibility controls, and her trackpad work is getting much better. Then after lunch we took a cup of leftover tokens and she kept busy making all her own decisions and putting her own money in things. There's really a lot of good problem solving for two year olds at Chuck E Cheese, like how do I get the coin in this slot that I can't reach while on the seat, while in a position to get up on the seat really quickly before the ride starts. As an additional benifit I made it through the rest of the RAWs from Mary's wedding. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the jpeg-onlys that I shot the first day, fix the times and filenames, and packaging. TNWE, we went out to Pasta Pomodora.

Wednesday morning we met Chris & Ellie at the Lawrence Caltrain, and took the long ride into the city. This included some impromptu felt storyboard cut-out creation. Then we took the #10 bus to the bottom of the Filbert Steps. I had no idea what I was getting us into, Chris had been before, and thought I knew what I was doing. Anyway, the girls made it all the way up with few complaints, and much climbing on people's fences, and clothing re-arraging. We had lunch and went up the elevator to the top of the tower. (The stairs are closed.) It's a nice view, but unfortunately the girls couldn't see out by themselves because the windows are too high, so they started running around, and sitting on things, and then Ellie started climbing over the stairwell wall and we had to leave. We walked to Fisherman's Warf, very downhill, got icecream from Ben & Jerry's, and then watched the sea lions for a bit. Then we took the F streetcar to the N lightrail to the caltrain home. Borsht for dinner.

Thursday we stayed home because Rebecca came down with a cold Wednesday night. No, wait, that's what we should have done. What we actually did was go out with daddy to Paris Baguette for breakfast again, (normally we only do this once a week), drop him off at work with his bike, then go home and play for a couple hours and eat lunch, then drop Rebecca off at daddy's work where they went to the playground and Jamba Juice so mommy could go to work for a meeting and drive back in icky traffic. Then we went home and played and Rebecca watched a bunch of Tumble Books. Thursday is Sushi night. Also I got my sewing table cleaned off, and did all the interface trimming waffle cutting, fusing and origami pre-folding for the divided fabric box I designed for a book, (it was accepted, yay!) and have to get the physical object there by the 15th.

Friday was a great home day, Rebecca was sad because none of her art friends came over for Art Playgroup because she was sick, but I think she had fun anyway. We read books, put together her witch-flashlight kit from the Google Halloween party, it involved lots of hot glueing, or I don't see how it would stay together, and there were some foam ghost parts too that got played with. That led to her wanting to plant the seeds that we got from the History Park trick-or-treat in her 'garden' (a large self watering pot from IKEA.) So we did that, poking holes among her tall sunflowers with a pencil, her dropping seeds in and patting them down in bed. And we watched the black aphids and ants crawling up and down her sunflowers. Which led to searching the garden for ripe cherry tomatoes. Then we came inside because it was too cold. I sat down with a walnut shell in the front room where it's sunny and spontaneously started making felt walnut shell babies, and Rebecca did some paper cutting then started doing some free form stitching on a thick piece of interfacing. Then she took it over to the sewing machine, and used that by herself, because everything is by herself, with frequent verbal reminders. She's really getting pretty good at it. Put the interfacing under the foot, lower the foot, stitch, stop, raise the foot, pull it out, cut the threads, start over. Then we ironed her square of interfacing to some red felt, because, hey, it's interfacing, and then she colored on it with her markers, then all over herself, since it was Friday messy art day, then took a bath. Then she put on layers of party clothes, we probably read some books, and pulled out her doll house and cleaned out it's too fullness of random animals and toys. Then we went outside and played ball in the front yard, came in and washed the rice, played some more with the doll house, read books, ate rice, and played with blocks. I had a headache most of the afternoon, probably because I swore off sugar this morning when there was just too much jiggling going on. But then Rebecca went to bed, too late obviously because she was cranky, should have had an early bedtime with the cold. I got the hand tying done for the top of my box. Now I just have to put in the hour or so hand sewing on the bottom. Then I need to revise the instructions and package it all up. Before going to bed I showed Jesse my walnut shell babies and he almost squealed like a girl over how cute they were. Obviously I married the right guy.
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