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Me Me Me

I haven't been writing about me, I've just been making phone posts about Rebecca, and I'm annoyed at myself. But then I have too much to keep up with. But, my life is not 100% Rebecca. Only, like, 95%. And she's still asleep, so this will have to be short. I've been accumulating these thoughts up for months. (Also, I'm still not really keeping up with LJ, but I did just join Facebook...)

1) I'm pregnant again, due in August.
2) The nausea and general I-feel-like-crap was much worse this time. I couldn't cook anything for a month, feeding a 2-yr was really hard, and I mostly just wanted to lie on the couch the whole time. But that's over now.
3) I'm getting many more food cravings this time. Cayenne pepper, curry, things that are spicy in general, salad (Mwahahahaha), red wine (which I'm not drinking), and a couple of hamburgers. I tried other proteins, but when that didn't do it I decided not to stress out about being a vegetarian during my pregnancy. Whatever.
4) Rebecca likes sardines. I discovered that while sardines on crackers have always been good, that sardines on peanut butter or cream cheese crackers are awesome.
5) Blueberries in macaroni and cheese are yummy while the blueberries are cold and the macaroni and cheese is hot, and becomes just weird when everything is a homogeneous temperature. I can't remember any of the other weird food combinations I've eaten.
6) Rebecca is finally weaning herself, and my milk supply is drying up. I cried. She may or may not start again when the baby is born, either one is okay with me. (I think she's going to be really good at sharing, she really wants a baby to take care of, she gives her crib to her friends little brother whenever he comes over in the evening for babysitting.)

That might be it, now I can use that badly needed brain space for something else.
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