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katharos's Journal

Katherine Donaldson
12 October 1976
[I pretty much only friend people who I think I actually know. If I can't figure out who you are I probably won't friend you.]

Born. Moved around. Went to school with goats who kept trying to steal my lunch. Went to Germany. Came back to goat school. Went to TJHSST. Went to CMU. Am now here in little yellow house. No Goats.
Ok, I'm no longer living in a little yellow house. I hope it stays happy and doesn't get surrounded by skyscrapers and have all it's windows broken, but if it does I hope it gets moved by a nice family back into a nice neighborhood again. Ahem.

In 2002 I got married to Jesse, and in 2006 I gave birth to our daughter Rebecca.

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